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Stress is a biological condition described as a feeling of strain and pressure. In addition, is one type of psychological pain. It has been said that small amounts of stress is desired and even healthy. Since, this kind of positive stress helps improve athletic performance. It also plays a factor in motivation, adaptation, and reaction to the environment. Excessive amounts of stress, however, can harm the body. Stress do increase the risk of strokes, heart attacks, ulcers and mental illnesses such as depression.1



In addition to other treatments or strategies for stress reduction such as deep breathing and meditation, research has shown that acupressure decreases stress. The following eight acupressure points are suggested: LV-3 located on the foot, KD-1 located on the foot as well, LI-4 located on the hand, PC-6 located on the arm, GB-21 located on the shoulder, BL-10 located on the neck, LU-1 located on the chest and GV-24.5 located on the head.2 In this vein, it is known that acupuncture has the potential to relax oneself thus reducing stress levels, this has been known for many years. Therefore, if you are afraid of acupuncture needles, then acupressure is an excellent alternative also. The acupressure techniques include using a press-release manner for approximately 1 minute, 1 to 3 times per day. The recommended points include SI-3, GV-20, BL-2, ST-2, GV-26, CV-24, KD-27, ST-13, SP-21, HT-7, TB-7, TB-17, TB-23, CV-17, PC-6, ST-36.3 In addition, the following five acupoints have been utilized to improve stress: PC-6 can also be stimulated by applying pressure with the thumb, then starting to massage the point for 2-3 minutes. LI-4 can also be stimulated by applying the index finger and thumb. Applying firm pressure for three minutes whilst taking deep breaths.4 GB-21 should be stimulated by applying pressure with your index finger. LU-1 should be stimulated by using the tip of the index finger and applying pressure, on either one or both sides simultaneously. BL-10 should be stimulated placing the fingers across the back of the skull and using both thumbs to apply pressure.5


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