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Acupuncture Treatment For Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple personality disorder is a mental disorder. Acupuncture treatment has method to deal with me
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Multiple Personality Disorder is also known as Dissociative Identity Disorderand is mental health problem. It is marked by at least two different or distinct enduring personality that alternately show up in a person’s behaviour. This disorder is usually accompanied by memory loss. Diagnosis is often difficult as there is considerable co-morbidity with other mental health disorders.











Signs and symptoms of MPD are :
– The existence of at least two distinct personalities
– Inability to recall personal info
– Loss of identity
– Lost reference to time, sense and self consciousness





The  cause of MPD is unknown and widely argued. But some reasons may contribute to the cause of this disorder such as :
– Reaction to trauma
– Inappropriate psycho-therapeutic techniques
– Sleep disturbance
– Environmental factors
– Childhood stressful experience





Related Acupuncture Points :
Acupuncture Treatment For Multiple Personality Disorder

Multiple personality disorder is a mental health disorder. Acupuncture can be helpful in dealing with mental health issues, although the effectiveness of the treatment is somewhat questionable. Usually, if dealing with mental health disorders, the acupuncturist  will perform an auricular acupuncture method. Some of the methods to aid treatment are as follow :
1. Main points: Ren 12, 13, 15
2. Calm: Du 26-28 (strong stimulation), KI 1
3. Purge Yangming: LI 4, 11, ST 36, 37, 39, SJ 6
4. Shaoyang: GB 20
5. Taiyang: BL 9, 10
Empirical Acupuncture Combinations :
1. Clear Minister Fire: connect PC 5 to SJ 6
2. Fire and Phlegm: PC 5, ST 40
3. Phlegm in Lung system: ST 40, LU 7
4. Sweating (night or daytime spontaneous): HT 6, KI 7
5. Fever: LI 11, Du 14, HT 3
6. Hearing voices in the head: SI 19, GB 2, PC 5
7. Ghosts in dreams: SP 1, ST 45




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