QiJune 26, 2017

Qi (often Chi) is a general term used throughout Chinese culture to describe a wide range of phenomena within philosophy, medicine, and even weather. In Chinese medicine, qi is the energy that a person emanates. Broadly speaking, qi is a physical type of energy which doesn’t necessarily have to be

Qi DeficiencyMarch 6, 2018

Qi Deficiency is a diagnostic pattern in Traditional Chinese Medicine, thought to be primarily caused by an excess of stress hormones scientific studies concur qi deficiency is induced by abnormal levels of biomarkers within tissue fluid, such as

Qi Deficiency – HeartMarch 7, 2018

 Conditions variously ascribed to Heart Qi Deficiency are: dementia theory of qi is attributed heavily to the function of blood within the human body. Since blood circulation around

Qi Deficiency – Kidney

Conditions variously ascribed to Kidney Qi Deficiency are: dementia, weak bladder[

Qi Deficiency – Lung

Lung Qi Deficiency has been specifically ascribed to unresolved grief variously ascribed to Lung Qi Deficiency are: asthma l

Qi Deficiency – Spleen

Conditions variously ascribed to Spleen Qi Deficiency are: chronic fatigue, candida, arthritis & fibromyalgia, premenstrual syndrome[/